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Urban Tactical Pants Polycotton Ripstop- Women's

Urban Tactical Pants Polycotton Ripstop- Women's

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Bottoms - men

Throw away the clothes - measure up - look up the table - see your size. The measurements are body measurements and not the actual measurements of the clothes.

Jeans str. (W)





(Measure the circumference of your waist where your pants will fit)



(Measure at the widest point)

Leg length (regular)

(Measure from your crotch to your ankle)

Leg length (long)

(Measure from your crotch to your ankle)

S 29-30 80-85 cm 50-55 cm 72-76 cm 77-81 cm
M 31-32 86-91 cm 53-58 cm 72-76 cm 77-81 cm
L 33-34 92-97 cm 56-61 cm 72-76 cm 77-81 cm
XL 35-36 98-103 cm 59-64 cm 74-78 cm 80-84 cm
2XL 37-38 104-109 cm 62-67 cm 74-78 cm 80-84 cm
3XL 39-40 110-115 cm 65-70 cm 74-78 cm 80-84 cm
4XL 41-42 116-121 cm 68-75 cm 76-81 cm 82-86 cm
Hjælpetekst Measure the circumference of your waist where your pants will fit Measure at the widest point Measure from your crotch to your ankle Measure from your crotch to your ankle

WOMENS UTP Resized® (Urban Tactical Pants®) are advanced tactical pants for women, designed for shooting enthusiasts, outdoors lovers and everyday users. Made to allow you to comfortably carry essential equipment, these womens tactical pants are unobtrusive, allowing for discretion when operating in an urban environment. Each of the 12 pockets has been designed to carry magazines, a folding knife, a small first aid kit, or a multitool, leaving the user full freedom of organizing the gear. The well-thought-out design means that the carried equipment will be close to the center of mass of the body, enabling comfortable movement for many hours. Thanks to specially designed pockets on the knees, the WOMENS UTP Resized® pants can accommodate soft protectors (Low Profile Protective Pads), increasing the users safety when working in varied, uncertain terrain. Wide belt loops, allowing the use of a belt up to 50 mm wide, allow you to pair these pants with most of the tactical and work belts available on the market. Resized in the name of the product means that its size has been changed in relation to the base product, in this case, the WOMENS UTP® (URBAN TACTICAL PANTS®). We recommend that you be especially careful when choosing a size.


  • Anatomical shape
  • Elastic waistband with velcro fastener
  • 50 mm wide belt loops
  • Two key loops, D-ring or karabiner compatible
  • Classic jeans ‘neck’ shape prevents riding down
  • Two internal low profile pockets
  • Two classical front pockets with strengthened edges for gear clips 
  • Two wide back pockets
  • Two slim back pockets - depth-adjustable
  • Two thigh cargo pockets with YKK® reverse
  • Two front velcro-closed flapped pockets for smart phone or AR magazine
  • Low Profile Insert Pads compatible
  • YKK® zippered fly

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