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Eberlestock Tomahawk F53 Backpack

Eberlestock Tomahawk F53 Backpack

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The Eberlestock F53 Tomahawk is a long-range pack that's stripped of non-essential features, resulting a clean and efficient all-purpose load hauler weighing in at 8 lbs. 2 oz.  Its no-shelf Intex II frame combines the best characteristics of internal and external frames, giving the Tomahawk outstanding load-bearing comfort and performance.

Although stripped down, the Tomahawk is still feature rich. A floating lid doubles as a removable fanny pack go-bag.  Bottle holders, full length side pockets, and quick-stow sleeves are on each side. The main compartment is accessed through either a storm-collar top or the quick-pull spade front door.  The interior features a Nylex back wall (15"x11"), tuck pockets, and EMOD Hookup links.

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