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Sord Nav Platform Single

Sord Nav Platform Single

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The Nav Platform Single is the little brother of the Nav Platform (Large) and 
was developed as a Don/Doff aid for the attachment of navigation devices. 

Whether your operational environment be; 

Land: On a Quad Bike - Skis, 
Sea: in a Zodiac - jet ski, 
Air: HAHO, or 
FOB: Mixing your protein powder on. 
The Nav Platform Single is the low footprint accessory you are after. 

Features & Specifications: 

•    User scalable (user must provide own Hacksaw) 

•    3.96mm Kydex 

•    300mm of Elastic Shock cord + 1 Toggle to cut, thread, tie or weave to your own requirements 

•    25mm spaced slots for speed threading of batons 

•    Functionally spaced holes for threading elastic cord 

•    MOLLE Column sized “Tangs” to weave into your carrier or slide between a Mag / Mag pouch 

•    Slotted “Tangs” that aid in securing the platform to your carrier 

•    Quick attach (don) / Single handed Release (doff) 

•    Flexible enough that it will bend rather than splinter if you have a face first moment 

•    Waterproof 

Attachment Methods: 

•    Slot the “Tangs” into a mag pouch (must have magazine in pouch) 

•    Weave the “Tangs” through MOLLE 

•    Use a “Bungy” (elastic band) to lock into place 

•    Elastic “Shock Cord” and Toggle to lock off (tension to ensure correct fitting) 

Package includes:

•    1 x Kydex Nav Platform Single 

•    1 x 300mm Elastic shock cord 

•    1 x Toggle 

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