Rope Runner Pro-Notch (Available on demand)


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Vendor: Notch


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Features & Benefits: Rope Compatibility: 11 – 13mm 
Working Load Limit: 308lbs (140kg) Weight: 15oz (425g)


Materials: Hot-forged aluminum, stainless steel, nylon

  • Incredibly easy SRT or DRT climbing

  • Unparalleled smooth one-hand descent

  • Fully mid-line attachable (stays in one piece!)

  • Rope friendly edges

  • Flattened 'bird' sections for comfort when descending

  • Multiple friction settings

  • Integrated central tending point for attachment to a chest harness

  • Improved sealed ball bearing pulley

  • Designed by Notch with original inventor Kevin Bingham

  • Internal spring keeps it safe from dirt and debris

  • Slic pins keep all of the parts together when the device is opened

  • Super-cool gunmetal grey color



Tactical Gear ~ Military and law enforcement