Peltor Soundtrap Tactical 6-S Headset - 3M


Product type: Ear Protection

Vendor: 3M


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3M Peltor™ Soundtrap Tactical 6-S Headset is designed to perceive and localize weak sounds while offering hearing protection in high-noise environments. It is also small, compact and foldable for ease and convenience.

3M Peltor Soundtrap™ Tactical 6-S Headset is a lightweight, tactical, electronic earmuff headset that attenuates high-level noise. The 3M™ Peltor™ Soundtrap™ Tactical 6-S Headset effectively amplifies weak sounds and easily folds into a small package, properly sized in a pocket or bag during transportation. 3M is a leading resource for hearing, respiratory and eye protection, communication headsets and other tactical safety products.


  • Great for high-noise environments
  • Effectively amplifies weak sounds
  • Easily folds into a small package
  • Designed with convenience in mind
  • Perceives and localizes weak sounds while impulse noise is attenuated


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