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Helikon-Tex Traveler Enlarged Lightweight Chair

Helikon-Tex Traveler Enlarged Lightweight Chair

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Easy to pack and very comfortable because of the higher seat back, it allows you to sit down and, if necessary, quickly move them to another place. Very stable, it can be used on many surfaces, thanks to the use of additional overlays on the legs of our chair. It will work at the shooting range and during all outdoor trips.

TRAVELER ENLARGED FOLDABLE CHAIR it’s more than just a tourist seat. Light construction and compact size allow it to be attached to a backpack, and you can always have it with you. The chair overlays are made of an easy-to-clean material.



  • easy to transport (dimensions after packing: 42 × 11 × 15 cm)
  • maximum loads up to 150 kg
  • the set includes stabilizing overlays for soft ground
  • easy to clean (just rinse with water and wipe dry)
  • easy to maintain (just rub the static elements with technical oil)

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