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AirVest 3D mesh

AirVest 3D mesh

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Size Chart


Bottoms - men

Throw away the clothes - measure up - look up the table - see your size. The measurements are body measurements and not the actual measurements of the clothes.

Jeans str. (W)





(Measure the circumference of your waist where your pants will fit)



(Measure at the widest point)

Leg length (regular)

(Measure from your crotch to your ankle)

Leg length (long)

(Measure from your crotch to your ankle)

S 29-30 80-85 cm 50-55 cm 72-76 cm 77-81 cm
M 31-32 86-91 cm 53-58 cm 72-76 cm 77-81 cm
L 33-34 92-97 cm 56-61 cm 72-76 cm 77-81 cm
XL 35-36 98-103 cm 59-64 cm 74-78 cm 80-84 cm
2XL 37-38 104-109 cm 62-67 cm 74-78 cm 80-84 cm
3XL 39-40 110-115 cm 65-70 cm 74-78 cm 80-84 cm
4XL 41-42 116-121 cm 68-75 cm 76-81 cm 82-86 cm
Hjælpetekst Measure the circumference of your waist where your pants will fit Measure at the widest point Measure from your crotch to your ankle Measure from your crotch to your ankle

KEEP YOUR THORSE FRESH during your Duty 

Recently, 3D mesh fabrics have been used in different ways to help cope with the lack of ventilation under body armors. Some propose a tank top made of mesh to be worn under the vest, while others add the mesh inside the vest’s cover. Both methods manage to improve comfort but 3D mesh alone gives limited results.

Because simply creating space between the body and the vest doesn’t make heat and sweat go away. Even if they get through the mesh, heat and moisture stay trapped against the vest. They have nowhere to go but back to the wearer and his clothes. While hot air desperately tries to escape upward, the tangle of fibers composing the mesh fabric creates such restriction that the air can hardly flow. Once the space inside the mesh is saturated, it's back to start. In fact, our tests show that 3D mesh alone gives only more time before getting wet…


As we’ve just pointed out, the problem with 3D mesh alone lies in the fact that it's unable to effectively evacuate heat and sweat. It became clear to us that the key is to create an empty space between the vest and the body to allow air to flow freely. That is why we’ve developped the patent pending A/C Tech - Air Channels TechnologyTM exclusive to AirVestTM.

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