Advanced Releasable Armor Carrier - Navy

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Advanced Releasable Armor Carrier - Navy (ARAC-N) The Advanced Releasable Armor Carrier - Navy(ARAC-N) is finally here! Designed for use by the US Navy, the ARAC-N is a high-speed, compact plate carrier, capable of carrying soft and/or hard armor plates. The ARAC-N will accommodate a 10x12 inch shooter cut plate allowing maximum flexibility to shoot and move with ease. The cut of the ARAC-N allows a maximum range of movement and does not hinder shooting positions like other larger armor carriers. With a built-in “joey” pouch on the front, the main body of the carrier includes a triple shingle pouch, allowing the operator to carry three magazines on the body without having to add any additional pouches to suit low profile missions. Additionally, on the side removable wings, there are additional built-in magazine pouches (removable) and even removable pouches for inserting side armor plates. Finally, the ARAC-N comes with a radio pouch that can either be hung on the vest or inserted into a side wing in place of a mag pouch. Like other SORD releasable armor carriers, the ARAC-N has an unparalleled release-mechanism to suit air operations over water or for quick detachment of the equipment in a casualty situation without the need to cut the rig off. The jettison device, which consists of Teflon-coated, stainless steel cables, is mounted on the front to suit left and right-handed operators. The ARAC-N is fully adjustable for height and girth and is fully-releasable and modular.