Hydration Helmet Carrier


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    The updated and reconfigured Hydration Helmet Carrier (HHC) has been loosely based on the popular and time-proven SORD Hydration Extra Large pouch.

    With vetted user feedback and adaptation towards evolution, the HHC has an adjustable mesh beavertail load carriage bucket area with six adjustable tensioning straps to manage the load. The adjustable expansion bucket easily accommodates items such as Helmets, Optics, 84mm Rounds, Water Bottles, Comms Batteries, Ghillie Hoods, etc. The internal pocket within the HHC has been redesigned to allow the carrier to properly re-role itself as a radio pack for devices up to the size of AN/PRC 117G.

    - 6 adjustable captive sinch straps, four with Fastex buckles for quick access.
    - Shoulder strap kit is INCLUDED.
    - 6 MOLLE columns wide. 
    - 3 MOLLE columns deep. 
    - Lightweight 500D Cordura construction. 
    - Single drainage grommet in bottom. 
    - Internal hydration bladder / ANPRC 117G separation sleeve. 
    - Internal small admin pouch with Velcro closure. 
    - Main compartment twin zipper pull, large tooth YKK zip.
    - Twin “fun flap” hydration tube/comms port with Velcro lid covers. 
    - Plastic "D" loops for attachment of shoulder strap kit or lashing to gear. 
    - Velcro flag / IFF panel on the front of beavertail 50mm.
    - MOLLE panel behind beavertail.
    - Carry handle. 
    - Fixed Velcro webbing tabs to manage adjustment straps. 
    - Quick detach shoulder straps. 
    - Minimalistic approach for a streamlined design.