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Why we choose Nanuk?

We partnered with the Nanuk company after a discussion with the agent demodectic in Canada Mr. Demers.

Mr. Demers was pleased with our vision and our company values ​​and joined the same values ​​of Nanuk products. It goes without saying that we wish to obtain the right to sell the products since the Nanuk philosophy perfectly matches our offer values ​​of quality and reliable products. Allows to offer a larger choice of box, very practical when shipping at sea or in kind and during travel, military and law enforcement. Nanuk products are simply what makes the best on the market. It offers the possibility to customize your briefcase with your logo for companies that makes the product unique.

Why we choose Sord Australia?

Sord Australia's products are simply quality and very solid products that have proven themselves worldwide and still today highly sought after for military operations as well as hunting enthusiasts they are what we are looking for with pocket and proofs for the type of product it was the stability and the mobility of the operator who was not going from the customer and the operator carrying bag backpacks of the pack bag and especially their pockets well-designed pouches and well thought to make life easier height he joined the operational level of military forces.

Why we choose Shadow Elite?

We wanted our partnership kiss with Shadow Elite RGB criminal Ontario was unquestionably essential to Taktika's understanding of what allows us to be able to respond to military demands as well as requests for operators for people who make airsoft as well as members of The strength of the gold policemen and gendarmes with Shadow products are very durable of exemplary quality which makes their evolution a force and the desire for progress and change in the soldier make it efficient and the maximum possible reasonable.

Why we choose Hi-Tec?

With the agreement price of the products understood it Hi-Tec Intervention it allows him to join another type of clientele which is more at the level of the police forces interactional order and as well as special units point of view civil are the high-tech products brand and are known worldwide reputation also products are designed to be very resistant and allow use effectively and their product’s life more efficient and simple handling and with their ergonomic belt and it was indispensable for us at Tacti-Code to be able to hold the right to make you be represented and produced outside of very high quality.

Why we choose Snugpak?

Due to the quality of their products and the wide variety, their product is a safe and reliable value. Snugpak allows us to offer a multitude of choices and to be able to respond to different requests that it be members of the Canadian Forces, Law Enforcement and regular customers. It was essential for us to be able to count on the rights to offer the snugpak brand to our customers.

What amazing brands, right ?
See you soon on our e-store.

Stephane Gamache, CEO